Free space in iPhone
Free space in iPhone

Hey Guys! We all know that Apple doesn’t provide memory slots for external storage, and the downside is that still in this modern era of technology Apple is providing the iOS devices with 16 gigs of Space! means WHAT THE HELL. but calm down peeps.You might have read many articles on how to free up your space. So here are few awesome methods You can try for Sure.

1.Compress your Photos.
Yes,there is an option in Photos App that you can keep less resolution photos in your phone and the original pictures in your iCloud Drive.

5 Practical Ways to Free up iPhone Memory Space (100MB-3GB+) 1

2.Delete Safari Cache
As we are the internet users its almost that we surf on default browser.So One other way to free up the space is to go to Settings and then go to safari Option and ‘Clear Captcha’.

3.Delete Facebook and reinstall
Okay so you might be thinking that this is crazy! but hey wait! you know i have got an iPhone 6 and my Facebook app takes 500mb! although its just an app of around 90mb! the rest thing is the cache data.We cant delete it directly.So one way i found out is to uninstall the app and install the Facebook App again.

 4.Messages Auto-Delete Feature
Your Messages history will take up gigabytes of memory, particularly if you send or receive plenty of photos via text
You can additionally delete entire threads severally by gap the Messages app so swiping left on a thread and sound Delete. simply make certain you’ve saved any photos you wish to for good hold on to before deleting the thread.

 5.The BEST trick till now….

and here i tell the best trick i have encountered over internet and couldn’t resist..

  1. Simply Go To iTunes.
  2. Search any big movie.. i would prefer Lord of the Rings.
  3. Open its page and then double tap on Rent.
  4. Dont rent the movie.When you do this and if the movie size is more then your free storage,it would show Storage Full Error Box.Click on Okay
  5. Now go and see the Free space in About Option in Settings App 
  6. Do this multiple times in order to free up more and more space.

Personally i freed upto 3GB of space in my iPhone 6 16GB variant.
I hope you like the above info as i tried to give practical ways to clear the iPhone memory.
Keep sharing 🙂