Fall is coming and so all the apple fans are now eagerly waiting for the upcoming new iPhone 11 which would be launching in the month of September 2019.

Apple iPhone 11 leaked image

There is no need to be a hell of of excited as Apple would be keeping the same design as of iPhone XS Max and iPhone X. According to info received by Mobile Fun, some design details about the expected iPhone 11 Max has been revealed.

iphone 11 camera and front
iPhone 11 camera and front – (Credits- MobileFun)


According to the picture above, its evident that like Google which is increasing the number of lenses in its upcoming Pixel smartphone, Apple would also be increasing its number of camera lenses.

The notch would still be still as it can be seen on render, but the size of the notch would be minimised. Honestly in 2019 fall the notch now seems outdated and according to us , Apple should have went with tear drop notch at least.

iPhone 11 would be powered by the upcoming latest iOS 13 which features all new dark mode and better security features to maintain the privacy of the user,along with many other tweaks.

Note that these are just leaks and are not confirmed by Apple.iPhone 11 would be launching in first half of September 2019