Hey Guys! I thought that from now on  I do a whole review session on which ever Games or Apps i use on my iphone,as i am a person who just downloads and test many apps and games regularly and wastes data 😛

So in order to save  YOUR  data.. i have decided to start a series of Review Sessions of various apps and games and see wether they stand to be installed in my iOS device or not!

Smurfs Epic run
Smurfs Epic run

Today we are reviewing A new game ie  The Smurf’s Epic Run

The game is of around 206MB from the App store and excitedly i started downloading it.
I have been playing this game from 3 days now and here are my findings

The Smurfs Epic Run is like Mario

Yea! pretty much. There are stages (about 152 stages at the time of writing). and in each stage you gotta choose one of your unlocked favourite smurf and you have to save the desired number of smurfs along with 2 other tasks such as 80 coins   and tasks like that. There are mushroom enemies in the starting and you can kill them by jumping over them.
You have pretty much  ONE life  only. until and unless you are using  Doctor Smurf which gives one extra life.
Honest Game Review: The Smurfs Epic Run 1
The Epic Run Gameplay


Game has rich Graphics

Yeah The Epic Run should provide good quality graphics as the size is pretty much large.  And the graphics along with the one touch control on my iPhone looks so neat and soothing!
The game responds well to the user input and there is no problem of lagging on my iPhone 6s
Honest Game Review: The Smurfs Epic Run 2
The Smurf’s Shop

Wait!! They have got a Smurfs Shop!

YES this is true.As you complete levels more and more new and rare smurfs would be unlocked!

 Unlocked in the sense you still have to purchase them through coins(you collect coins in stages).if you want to play with a smurf that is unlocked lets say on level 45 then you got to use your premium Gems in order to do so




Honest Game Review: The Smurfs Epic Run 3
There is the concept of Energy! in starting we get 20 bars of energy and each stage takes 3-4 bars of energy and thats why we cant play it like any simple normal game.
1 Bar of energy fill in  25 minutes!!!
And on level up i noticed that my energy level also didnt got refilled! and i was like WHATTT!!!??

So guys this was it! I think its  pretty much bad idea to download such an awesome game which is freemium! means cummon! 4 energy bars for one level (around after level 10 i guess)

FROM MY SIDE ITS A NO! .__. But yes  if you are a Clash of Clan Player who is so patient in making their hog riders and Dragons then this game is a MUST HAVE  as this game gives good action and has good graphics!