Create your own ringtones in iPhone
Create your own ringtones in iPhone

Hey guys,This is another tutorial where I would explain yet another newbie thing that is how to create your own ringtone for your iPhone.As you might know that apple doesnt give much of permissions to the App developers to their iOS. And the only way to install new ringtones is through iTunes.

I know its too boring when you have an awesome iPhone and yet you have the same boring ringtone rather then awesome Game of thrones theme song or any of Good songs of Owl City 🙂

What you need?

The things you would need:
  1. iTunes latest version installed in your System
  2. Your iPhone and its Connecting cord
  3. Wifi connection (just for downloading a specific app)

Steps to Create your Own Ringtone:

  1. Go to App Store  and download app called  Ringtones for iPhone free with Ringtone Maker.  I use it personally so i recommend it (its the app with blue app icon)
  2. After you install it.Open the App.
  3. Select the song from Music of which you want to make ringtone.
  4. Use the App’s Slider to choose the duration of the song.
  5. Once you do that a new file would be created within the App.
  6. Connect  to iTunes.
  7. Go To iPhone and then to Apps.
  8. Search Ringtones App.There you would find .aac file.Copy it to desktop.
  9. Now drag and drop that new ringtone file to Tones tab.
  10. Sync your iPhone.Now to Go Settings ->Sounds &Ringtones->you would see your Ringtone listed there.
Wasn’t that Too easy ? right? Thanks for using our guide and do comment below if you have more awesome method then this 🙂