Get 3d touch on older iPhones
Get 3d touch on older iPhones

Yes guys you heard it right. iPhone 6s came with the most distinct feature which is not found in any other iphones and that was 3D touch.

But the good thing is that if you have a jailbroken iPhone you can now have this feature on the older models of iPhones too.

What is 3D touch?

Force Touch is a technology developed by Apple Inc. that enables trackpads and touchscreens to distinguish between various levels of force being applied to their surfaces. It uses pressure sensors to add another method of input to Apple’s devices According to Wikipedia.

Disclaimer:- We are not responsible for whatever happens to your mobile.We DO NOT  encourage jailbreaking.Do it on Your own risk.

iPhones supported

  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 6

How to get 3D touch feature on old iPhones?

1. Peek a Boo

This is another tweak which you can find from Cydia. It would do your work.

2. RevealMenu 

The Repo for this is BigBoss . you can long press on any app to unlock the shortcut right from your home screen.
From the above two i would suggest you to use the later one as its more handy and its more awesome as we can slide our fingers directly to shortcut option without lifting our finger from the screen.
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