How to get Pikachu in Pokemon GO
How to get Pikachu in Pokemon GO

Yes guys this is true that Pokemon Go has taken whole world like a storm.If you are a college guy like me  you would now find people catching pokemons here and there making groups joining teams and all that.But the main attraction of the  show has always been the Pikachu.

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Why Pikachu?

Pikachu is an electric type pokemon and till now people have not found many electric type pokemon in this game and thus if you get Pikachu you get a good chance over water type pokemons (which is obvious!).You can easily get bulbasaur,Squirtle and charmander but Pikachu is rare one . SO thus  PIKACHU is indeed a good choice for pokemon.


The Pikachu you would get from this trick would be of CP 11 most probably.

How to get Pikachu in Pokemon Go?

[GUIDE]How to get Pikachu in Pokemon Go in 8 steps 1
Get Pikachu in pokemon Go!
Here is what you have to do!
  1. You need to sign up again.Logout your current account
  2. Sign up through another gmail account
  3. After all customizations you would be on the map with three pokemons on the map
  4. roam away from them.they would disappear afterwards.
  5. After sometime the three pokemons that are charmander suirtle and bulbasaur would again come.
  6. Walk away from them. Do this 4 times
  7. In 5th time there would be 4 pokemons that would appear and one of them would be pikachu.
  8. touch pikachu and catch it via your pokeball.
  9. And hence you get it!
So Did you get your own pikachu? or you just wanna capture it like every one else? what are your views? do tell in comments till then Keep catching 🙂