Install iOS 7 on iPhone 3gs
Install iOS 7 on iPhone 3gs

Are you one of the people who are still using Apple’s very old iPhone Device named iPhone 3GS? Well i admit that this device was another great work of Apple,But as we are watching that every year 2 new iPhones are coming up to the iPhone family, more and more earlier iPhones are getting obsolete and few iPhones have started not to get any more iOS updates like iPhone 3g,iPhone 3GS,iPhone 4

But worry not here in this article i have this trick up on my sleeves through which we can get iOS7 like experience even on old devices.

Warning:-This is only possible when we would be using a third party software.So now scroll down and read the procedure at your own risk.

Why would you like to do so instead of purchasing a new iPhone?

  • You would like to use your old iPhone as you are accustomed to it.
  • You probably don’t want to flow your cash on new iPhone
  • Just for fun Purpose
Be it any of the above purposes so lets get back to the steps we were talking about.

STEPS TO INSTALL iOS 7 in iPhone 3GS:-

  1. The download page for your device will be opened in a new browser tab. Please read carefully all the informations provided in that download page, Click here to download
  2. Now back up your Device.As we are not responsible for whatever if bad happens to your iDevice
  3. If you are using Macbook then you have to install Whited00r using iTunes.
  4. For windows open the downloaded package and extract the program.Open the Software and click on Pwned DFU button.
  5. Then follow on-screen instructions.Now open iTunes and then  press / hold SHIFT on Windows PC and point to Whited00r .ipsw file located in your PC.