It was quite open that Apple was trying to replace your normal laptop with the new huge screen iPads, but iOS was limiting its beast capabilities such as no proper files app,not able to use all USB type c equipment such as mouse etc.

Apple iPadOS
Apple iPadOS

But in WWDC 2019, Apple introduced a whole new operating system that would now be powered by iPad, iPad OS !

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Question : Does iPad uses iOS now?

Answer:  From 2019, all supported iPads would be powered by iPad OS.

Features of iPad OS

  1. Slide Over and Split view.
  2. Applications in multiple spaces.
  3. App Expose.
  4. Pinned widgets just like Microsoft Windows 7.
  5. The all new Tool Palette.
  6. Capture screenshot of entire webpage,email or PDF.
  7. SideCar in MacOS Catalina. (extending your workspace by having extra screen of iPad connected with your MacBook)
  8. Copy,paste undo have new gestures on iPad OS.
  9. Floating Keyboard.
  10. Swipe typing default supported by Apple keyboard.
  11. All new keyboard shortcuts on Safari.
  12. Desktop class web browsing on Safari.
  13. New fonts downloadable for you to use on iPad.
  14. Expandable drives now supported.
  15. A Better download Manager in Safari browser.
  16. Dark Mode.
  17. Sign In with Apple feature to maintain privacy of user.
  18. All new redesigned Photos App.
  19. Video editing on the Go now possible.
  20. New voice of Siri.
  21. Custom Emoji in Messages.
  22. Audio sharing with AirPods.

For more features :- Visit Apple’s official list of features.

Question: Which iPads are supported for iPad OS?


  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro
  • 11-inch iPad Pro
  • 10.5-inch iPad Pro
  • 9.7-inch iPad Pro
  • iPad (6th generation)
  • iPad (5th generation)
  • iPad mini (5th generation)
  • iPad mini 4
  • iPad Air (3rd generation)
  • iPad Air 2

Question : How to get iPad OS Beta?

Answer:  Go to to download the latest iPad OS Beta file.