iPhone 6 or iPhone SE
iPhone 6 or iPhone SE

Hey People,I was just browsing through all the iPhone generations and found that i should do a comparison or we can say we should find out wether we should go for iPhone 6 or an iPhone SE.

Below are my thoughts on which handset i might go into.I have taken many aspects into consideration apart from prices of both of the devices as well as their launching years (Technology used).

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iPhone SE or iPhone 6?

iPhone SE or Special Edition is pretty much the old design of iPhone 5s.But Why Apple launched it? The thing is many people don’t like big phones and they still prefer 4- 4.5 inches screen phones.So in order to fill in the gap Apple launched iPhone.

At the Chip Level

Okay So we go to the Processor level. iPhone SE is powered by A9 chip which is the latest chip by Apple and The iPhone 6s is powered by same chip,whereas iPhone 6 is powered by A8 chip which is less advanced and fast then the previous one.
iPhone SE > iPhone 6

Colors Offered

iPhone 6 comes in grey,Black and Gold colour whereas iPhone SE comes in Rose Gold also.
I think if you dont have any colour preference. Then its upto you.iPhone SE just offers one extra colour.  Rose Gold is pretty much good colour but I still love the Golden iPhone,also i dont think that colour should be a major player for choosing any smartphone

Memory Capacity

Both devices come in 16 and 64 GB of Internal memory.
YOUR CHOICE WHICH ONE TO CHOOSE  But I prefer 64 GB variant as in 16 GB variant you get around 11.2 GB of user Space


iPhone 6 has Retina HD Display whereas iPhone SE has only Retina Display.

Video Recording

Its here where iPhone SE beats iPhone 6 again .Slo-mo video support for 1080p at 120 fps and 720p at 240 fps is supported by iPhone SE

3D Touch

Although iPhone SE has more or less same hardware of iPhone 6s but it lacks 3D Touch which just i can’t understand Why and surprises me!


iPhone 6 has 1850 mAH of battery where as the iPhone SE has 1642 mAh
iPhone 6 or iPhone SE Which one to Go For? 1
If we from  these above listed factors then it would be evident that iPhone SE is better, in terms of speed,Video Recording.
But Display is better of iPhone 6. If you are using big phones and are comfortable then DONT go for iPhone SE. If you are thinking to purchase iPhone 6s 16 GB variant instead of iPhone SE then DONT!  read the reason here where we discussed about it in detail.
Instead either go or 64 GB variant of iPhone 6s or Go for iPhone 6 (any variant)